Theme: Empower our Facilities teams to preserve and protect the resources God has given us.

To be achieved, this vision needs:

Your prayer
For reasons beyond our understanding, God is pleased to move when His people pray.
Your giving
There are no gimmicks to raise this money. It will come through the sacrificial giving of God’s people.
Your investment
Every opportunity will be given for our own people to prayerfully participate in this fundraising project.
Your faith
Faith is like a muscle that grows as it is put into practice. This is one way we can “work out” our faith together.


Dear family of LHBC,

Last year, my neighbor looked down on my roof and noticed that a whole section of shingles had blown away in the wind.

He was kind enough to come right over and let me know so that I could fix it and avoid leaks, further damage, and all kinds of hassle.

The time has come for us to take care of the roof on our building as a church as well.

Nobody knows how long our current roof will keep us dry, but the best estimate is that we have three to five years before problems are likely to arise. Therefore, we are being proactive in our preparation to take care of the resources God has given us to use for His work.

I want to invite you to thank God for how He has provided us with this building and the resources we have, and ask Him to help you decide how you can be involved in this project.

For His Glory,
Pastor Jeff


“I have a question...”


Q: May I divide God’s tithe and give part of it to the Building fund?

A: That would weaken the ongoing work and ministries of the church supported by the budget. We are trusting God to help us give beyond our regular support to the General Fund so that we may continue and expand the budget-supported ministries.


Q: How do we determine what God would have us commit ourselves to give?

A: Thoroughly pray about it. Think about it and discuss the three following questions: What can we afford to give? What are we willing to sacrifice? What should we trust God to enable us to give to the Building Fund above our present giving to the General Fund?


Q: How should the commitments be planned?

A: Most people will find it easier to be faithful if commitments are given on a weekly basis over the 156 weeks (or three years); however, you may give as best fits your income and budget.


Q: Do I have to sign my pledge card?

A: We prefer signed cards because we take seriously the Biblical imperative that we “count the cost” before we build. Pledges help us to plan responsibly; however, if, for personal reasons, you feel it is wrong to sign a pledge, still fill one out and turn it in unsigned. It will give us an indication of your intent to give.


Q: What happens to excess donations?

A: We are hoping to reconstitute our Building Contingency Fund.

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"Roof Reno" Online Pledge Submission

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